What's Next in Technological Developments for Commercial Real Estate

While the real estate industry has historically lagged behind the general business world with respect to adaptation of new technology, we are starting to see some advances in new capabilities. Perhaps the reason for the lag is that only few companies or  tech savvy people are thinking about what are the real problems facing owners of commercial real estate today. The real estate vertical industry growth for adapting new technologies is just around the corner. It's more than just working the financial models to bring desired returns. Here are a few examples:   

- Paperless rent collection and receivables, invoice management and payables processing, and electronic funds transfers.

- The need to be mobile-centric.

- Cash-flow budgeting that ties your ability to model out your portfolio all the way down to the actual transaction engine that does all your billing, payables, job costs, all the way through the financials.

Source: Global Real Estate Monitor