Top 10 Largest LEED Buildings in Maryland

Top 10 Largest LEED buildings in Maryland

1  Discovery Communication HQ; Silver Spring, MD, 540K SF Office, Platinum rating
2  UMB BioPark, Baltimore MD, 447K SF, 215K SF Office, Silver rating
3  Shady Grove Educational Center, Rockville MD, 192K SF office, Gold rating
4  Sentinel Drive, Annapolis Junction MD, 125K SF office, Gold rating
5  MDOT HQ’s, Hanover MD, 120K SF office, Gold rating
6  Eastern Village Condominium, Silver Spring MD, 93K SF multi-unit condo, Silver rating
7  Harford Co Public School Admin Building, Bel Air MD, 74K SF Office, Gold rating
8  Century Engineering HQ’s, Hunt Valley MD, 58K SF Office, Gold rating
9  CBF Phillip Merrill Environmental, Annapolis MD, 32K SF office, Platinum rating
10 Highland Beach Town Hall, Highland Beach MD, 2K SF office, Platinum rating

List includes LEED Silver and above rated buildings. LEED Certified only buildings were not included.

Source: Baltimore Business Journal 2009 Book of List