Growing Trends Spurring Innovation in Commercial Real Estate

Innovation 3.JPG

Cloud Technology - Technology has obliterated the need for file cabinets. Even server rooms – once the hallmark of an innovative company – are giving way to “cloud” technology, further reducing the need for dedicated IT space. Many software tools  including  CRM , contact management, property management, listing  and marketing tools are cloud based.   

Telework - More, employees are doing work everywhere but at a desk, and telecommuting is on the rise as more and more companies seek to cut back on utility expenses. Tablets like the iPad make work a “do anywhere” phenomenon. For knowledge-based workers, comfortable areas encouraging collaboration may be more important than expensive office space.

Smart Energy Usage - Saving energy in buildings is an area where innovation is gaining steam. By measuring a building’s or a company’s energy usage, businesses that specialize in this technology can begin promoting new energy-saving designs to tenants and their employees.

Next Generation Internet (IPv6) - The next generation of internet addresses (IPv6), allowing all electronic products and building components a unique address. 

Social Experience -  Mall owners strive for not only more shoppers, but they want shoppers to come to their malls more frequently. Today’s malls are more of a social meeting experience, with many attracting customers through an increasing number of upscale restaurants, spas, performances, cultural activities and classes. Innovative office and apartment owners  are also working to improve the building experience by offering collaborative work and social gathering spaces. 

Wireless Broadband -  Wireless Broadband using GPS, location services and new mobile apps, will transform how we work and bring innovation across all areas of real estate.  

Source: Sperry Van Ness|RealSite Commercial Group