Top 10 Most Walkable and Bikeable U.S. Cities

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It’s a natural connection to think that people like to live, work and play where walkability and bikeability scores high. One could also speculate desirable rental and investment markets in these cities. The trend to improve walkability and bikeability in cities is on the rise and directly correlated to favorable places to live. According to, here are 10 most walkable and bikeable cities in the U.S. 

Most Walkable Cities

1. New York City, 2. San Francisco, 3. Boston, 4. Chicago, 5. Philadelphia.
6. Seattle, 7. Washington, D.C., 8. Miami, 9. Minneapolis, 10. Oalkland, CA.

Most Bikeable Cities
1. Portland Ore., 2. San Francisco, 3. Denver, 4. Philadelphia. 5. Boston, 
6. Washington, D.C., 7. Seattle, 8. Tucson, Ariz, 9. New York City, 10. Chicago  

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