Innovation in Commercial Real Estate

Building Innovation 2.JPG

There are a number of companies and products emerging to improve building efficiency. From adding wireless sensors, multi-building centralized management centers, to building dashboards for monitoring equipment, utilities and performance.   There’s never been a better time implement these innovative solutions as the cost of the sensors, cloud computing and systems continue to reduce.  Building owners and technologist typically speak two different languages.  The closer we map each new tech solution to the buildings income expense statement, the clearer it becomes to the building owner where to apply the new innovations. Why not start with small pilots and inexpensive scalable implementations with clear business benefits and without the need for full blown detailed cost justifications.   A “just do it” approach to whatever entry point and scale is appropriate to initiate a catalyst for improvements. Minimal operational changes, ease of implementation and transparency to existing operations will help break down the innovation barriers in the commercial real estate industry.  

Source: Tony Casalena, CCIM