If A Building Could Speak, What Would It Say?

If a building could speak to its occupants, what would it say? A building voice can be analogous to the impression or feeling it gives to its occupants. What’s the building experience? Is it aligned to the needs of current and future occupant mix? Future office trends are a good place to start for thinking about what it could say to retain and attract new tenants.


Office Trends 

  • Modular and efficient design innovative work environments.
  • Open floor plans and mobility within the office to optimize time at the office for those seeking greater work-life balance.
  • House a variety of workspaces and be a place for collaboration, face-to-face encounters and team building.
  • Greater access to daylight and natural ventilation. Nice views, green space, public transit, on-site or convenient parking, proximity to occupants.
  • Flexible workspace will move away from dedicated offices and workstations. Average occupancy density of 150-200 square feet per person is continually trending downwards.
  • Personalized environmental controls provided at workstations to enhance office comfort and improve productivity.
  • Understands the value of environmental stewardship and utilizes local amenities.  
  •  Produce just as much energy as it uses: will be a high-performance building that enhances productivity, efficiently manages its water resources and provide for Carbon Accounting.

Source: Tony Casalena, CCIM