Smart Buildings Raise the Bar

Occupants want comfort, safety and productive spaces in buildings. As affordable new technologies in energy management, operations and asset management are adopted, more buildings will utilize smart systems to satisfy occupants.

Examples include: 
Mobile security access
Light sensing
Predictive HVAC control
High speed internet connections  

IoT and use of data analytics in smart buildings will continue to raise the bar to meet and exceed occupant expectations. Tenants will have more choices and seek out smarter buildings that utilize technology to create a healthier and comfortable environment. This will also result in higher lease premiums and resale value for owners.

Owners and investors are beginning to realize the return on investment in smart systems. According to ASHRAE a building's life cycle cost over 40 years comprises of 11% construction, 14% financing, 25% retrofit and 50% operations. High performance smart buildings are more cost effective to maintain, operate and manage. The health, productivity, and recruiting advantages for occupants are also becoming better known. Comfort and productivity has significant measurable impact on ROI. 

Sources: ASHRAE, Frost and Sullivan, CABA